Honey Buns

Want an award-winning honey bun that’s recognized for its great taste and great quality? You’ve come to the right place.

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Creme-Filled Cakes

They’re as awesome on the inside as they are on the outside. Bite into a creme-filled cake and taste for yourself.

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Fruit Pies

How good would it be to bite into a sweet, flavorful pie? You can. Just reach for one from Mrs. Freshley’s®.

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Danish Varieties

A morning can’t survive on coffee alone. So add a Danish from Mrs. Freshley’s® to your wake-up routine and get a little pep in your step.

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Snack Cakes

Your sweet tooth has met its match. Choose from a seemingly endless variety of Mrs. Freshley’s® snack cakes and satisfy your appetite.

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Putting a smile on people’s faces for nearly 20 years.

Back in 1994, Mrs. Freshley’s® entered the vending market with a focus on baking fresh, tasty products. Soon afterwards, Flowers Foods introduced Mrs. Freshley’s® to retail stores and expanded the brand to include more than 50 different delicious snack cakes and pastries.

Today, we’re still making history, as Mrs. Freshley’s® has earned numerous quality and taste awards, including those from the American Culinary Institute and such trade magazines as Automatic Merchandiser and CSP Magazine. While awards are great, you know what really puts a smile on our face? Pleasing the people who purchase our products from vending machines and stores across America. That would be you. Thank you and enjoy!

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